Thursday, July 29, 2010

Barriada Churrascaria - Disgusting - Do not go!

I recently went to Barriada Churrascaria at College and Dovercort. I hear the flaming sausage there is really delicious. I ordered the churrasco chicken, which was a bone dry half of a tiny chicken, with barley any meat on it. My girlfriend ordered the halibut, which was also dry, more importantly it was so fishy tasting we both found it inedible. This is our second trip to this place, the first time we also found the chicken very dry. On the plus side, I will say the piri piri sauce was delicious and the outdoor patio is really great there.

While I hear the flaming sausage here cannot be missed, I can tell you the rest of the menu should be missed.

There has got to be an inexpensive casual Portuguese restaurant somewhere in this neighborhood.
Please help me.

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  1. I have had a good meal at Cataplana. Though it was quite a while ago, it was the summerlicious menu and a good memory on those is good indicator.
    Cataplana (Corner of College and Dovercourt)
    938 College Street
    Toronto, Ontario M6H 1A4
    (416) 538-1562