Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Franks Kitchen - Little Italy

Great Neighborhood restaurant executed flawlessly by seasoned professionals

I have been here several times recently and loved it both times.
The servers are warm and inviting. You can tell that someone has really through every detail of your experience. From the cucumber water to the fresh bread baked by the chef on site. The bread was one of the highlights for sure. Crispy butter epi, delicious herby focaccia all served with great dips. You also get an amuse bouche, which I was sort of shocked to get at a inexpensive bistro restaurant where mains are around $25. The amuse was a lobster taco which was delicious and very generous.
This is the sort of place that everyone wishes was around the corner to their house. The menu has a mix of simple vege pastas to a delicious beef carpaccio with foie gras torchon, which is as delicious as it sounds.
They also have a fantastic porcini risotto which had the perfect texture and a robust rich, salty, cheesy flavor that was lacking in the Risotto I had at L.A.B.. The lobster ravioli is filled with nice big chunks of lobster and is in very fresh tasting tomato sauce, which all adds up to light and delicious summertime dinner.
The pork three ways was just as lovely. The rack and loin were perfectly cooked. I should mention that the pork belly was not as crispy as I would have liked and was a bit of a let down. The calvados sauce and squash pure both acted as the perfect sweet counterpoint to the fatty and delicious pork.

In short, go to this restaurant, but I will be pissed off if I have to wait in line.

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