Thursday, July 8, 2010


Hello Fellow Eater!

Like you I have always taken eating very seriously.
As I sit here on a very hot July day eating beets, I have decided to upgrade my eating status to professional. Sure I have dabbled in the minors for quite some time, but since I decided to create this free blog, I think my status should be - and must- upgraded.
The point of this blog is to share my culinary experience throughout this great city of ours. I spend entirely too much time reading about restaurants, going to restaurants, buying ridiculous kitchen gadgets and overall just obsessing about anything food related; this blog will share the great insight I accumulate on this great journey. Hopefully I will help you make wise choices on where to spend your time, money and calories.

I assume anyone who actually will read this is either a personal friend or someone sitting in an office somewhere looking for break and thinking: Where should i go for dinner tonight? Hopefully I will help you out with that even a little.

I want to emphasize that I will be keeping this pretty raw. Grammar and spelling have never been my strong suit so please excuse certain small errors. While I do take eating and food extremely seriously, and do consider myself to be a detailed person, I do expect I will forget to capitalize some i's. If you have a problem with that please do me a favor and leave this blog now and don't come back.

Oh crap I just got beets on my shirt. I guess that is a good reason to end this welcoming post.


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