Thursday, July 8, 2010

L.A.B. Live and Breath

I have been itching to go to this place since it opened. I do however like to give a restaurant a couple months to get its sea legs before I go.
Anyways here are the details:
3 Guests, Spent about $100 on 3 mains and 1 App, before booze, tip, tax etc.

Grilled Romain salad with capers - Really fantastic and perhaps the highlight of the whole meal. I have never had anything like this. The lightly grilled lettuce gave this app some great depth and a surprising savory character, while still remaining delicate.
Asparagus risotto. Overcooked and under seasoned. 'Meh' at best.
Sous Vide beef. Beef is perfectly cooked, tender with a great beefy flavor. Bone marrow creme tastes pretty bad. Not sure how you can make bone marrow taste bad, as it is really amazing stuff, but they somehow managed that. The texture of the marrow creme was also too sticky and too gummy. To be honest I already forgot what else this dish came with.
Halibut - Fish was well seasoned but slightly overcooked. The gingered pineapple was delicious and a great refreshing surprise. The bok choy was also delicious. There was some sort of miso creme/paste, but it had the flavor and texture of Vaseline, which I haven't touched since puberty.
Service - Our server was a douche bag. His hippster, too cool for school attitude, was both cold and uninviting. He really seemed as if he wanted to be somewhere else. Hopefully the owners will find this out and soon he will be somewhere else - not in the service industry. While I was not the biggest fan of the food here, I respect that fact the chefs are doing something different and risky, especially in little Italy. The server should have told us more about the dishes he put in front of us, and at least attempt to get us excited about the molecular gastronomy process.

I wish this restaurant the best of luck, and will one day give it a try again, but I will not be running back.

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